The confectionery laboratory "L'Amaretto di Guarcino" was born in 2007 as a need to resume the thread with the gastronomic tradition of our country, Guarcino, and more generally of the Ciociaria area.

It is with this motivation that, starting from the original recipes, from the knowledge and experience of the elderly women of our country, we have drawn on the ingredients, procedures and small secrets necessary to recreate the village desserts that our grandmothers prepared for us. All this with the utmost attention to the search for ingredients that were as close as possible to our territory.

And it is with the same spirit that from the beginning we decided to eliminate the machines from the production process: therefore we do not use kneaders or industrial forming machines. In our laboratory there are only ovens, designed to obtain the most traditional cooking possible.

Today we are proud to be able to present our customers with an excellent variety of "handmade" desserts, such as "L'Amaretto", the main product of our business, watch us at work:

Initially born as a family-run business, today our laboratory employs five employees. Year after year we see the increase in the consensus and appreciation of our customers, thanks to the festivals and events, as on the occasion of the tasting event Guida bere bene 2017:

For this reason and for a natural desire to evolve, we decided to add a new local unit to the laboratory, in order to increase production, given the growing demand, and prepare for landing on the online market.

We want to bring the fragrance and quality of our products to your home, make our main product known to the public, the Amaretto di Guarcino, a soft almond paste biscuit, our Ugly and good, the Intigni, the Tartlets, the Tozzetti , the Pasticcetti, the Donuts with wine and anise!