Ancient Guarcino "Varcenum", nestled between the Ernici Mountains, under the Crepacuore (1997 mt. Slm.) and the Monna (1952 mt. Slm), has a territory of great naturalistic importance. Behind it is the Campocatino basin, the oldest ski resort in central Italy, with peaks that exceed 2000 meters, from which you can enjoy the splendid panorama of the lower Lazio up to the Tyrrhenian Sea, including the Pontine Islands, not far away we find the beautiful Abbey of Trisulti.

The isolation and wild beauty of the places attracted many hermits and even San Benedetto, on his journey from Subiaco to Montecassino, passed through Guarcino.

The town, already strategically important in Roman times, after the fall of the Roman Empire, underwent incursions by the Saracens and Hungarians and today preserves in the historic center architectural and decorative elements of considerable artistic importance, typically medieval, such as portals, mullioned windows, mullioned windows and three-light windows in stone.

Known throughout the Ciociaria area for its sweets, Guarcino has been producing AMARETTI for itself and for lovers of typical products.

The AMARETTO, oval in shape and light in color, based on almonds, egg whites and sugar, is the pride of Guarcino, unmistakable for its perfume and its delicate and tasty flavor. It is celebrated every year in late July with a special festival.

The story goes that the recipe for this dessert was donated by an old friar, in gratitude to those who, after miles and miles of walking, who stopped in the town of Guarcino, had offered him food and rest.

In the Middle Ages, during the hunting season, the lords of the place found refreshment at the ancient Rocca di Rivituro, to consume the delicious hare, wild boar and pheasant meats, as well as sheep's cheeses and pizzas made from wheat flour, but above all AMARETTI, pride of Guarcino.